The year of m-commerce

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The year of m-commerce

I’m sure every year since 2005 the industry has been saying “this year is the year for mobile” and here we are in 2011 and perhaps maybe at last it will be the year that mobile commerce explodes.

I remember the first java applications back in 2004 that were being sold into the gaming companies as the next big source of customer acquisition and gambling turnover.  Ok the actual numbers were much higher than I personally expected, but it certainly didn’t explode in 2005 as industry experts said it would. It was more a steady drip of new customers from the mobile networks.

However with the increased penetration of smart phones and speed of internet delivery across these handsets, mobile really is starting to make an impact.  John Lewis has reported over 100,000 visits per week via mobile and has developed a bespoke mobile site to capture some of the m-commerce market.  You do have to wonder how many of these visitors are browsing the mobile site to find store details, phone numbers and other information to help their offline shopping experience.  John Lewis are no doubt monitoring the stats closely to help inform their mobile commerce marketing decisions.

Other firms are launching apps (perhaps in the short term) – such as the Ladbrokes sports betting app that I am currently trying.  In my opinion this has massive potential for sports betting, providing punters with an easy application through which they can bet live, whilst at sporting events.  Perfect to boost the bookies margins!

An area in which we are certainly seeing growth & results for our clients is through mobile search.  We are staffing up here to ensure our clients get the desired results from this channel.  As an agency we’re working closely with Google to understand the implications of mobile search both in SEO and PPC where the SERPs are different to standard online search.

However it’ll be an exciting few months as I chat to the account management teams to learn about the results they are delivering for our clients through mobile search and how together with our clients we optimise these results.

Some mobile stats for you to consider….

•    There will be more internet users on mobiles than on computers by 2013 – Morgan Stanley
•    48% of US smart phone users have used a browser on their mobile – Morgan Stanley
•    23% of time accessing the internet is via a mobile device – IAB/PWC
•    12% of all UK shoppers use mobiles to research before they shop – ITpro
•    20 Million mobile internet users in the UK in 2010 – Mobile Squared
•    38% penetration of 3G in the UK (from 28% in 2009) – Morgan Stanley
•    £500m Value of m-commerce in the UK in 2010 – IAB/PWC
•    $1 Billion Amazon’s revenue from M-commerce -

Oh well that says it all, 2011 the year of m-commerce.

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