Stand on one foot if you think we’re heading for a Hung Parliament…

Posted by Paul Cruse on 30 April 2010. Categorised under Betting 0 Comments

Stand on one foot if you think we’re heading for a Hung Parliament…

First of all, an apology. I got the score wrong in the Barcelona game from last week’s blog. Hopefully, it didn’t encourage anyone to actually have a bet on it. At least the outcome was the same! So to the last week in politics and it’s been all about one person this week and it’s someone who a week ago, was completely anonymous to most of the population of the UK. But when Gillian Duffy confronted Gordon Brown this week, the “bigoted” woman (his words, not mine!) wrote herself into Britain’s political history and may have delivered the final nail into Labour’s term in power.

So to the last of the three televised debates and to Birmingham and the BBC. As predicted, Brown looked nervous and uneasy which clearly showed a man who has had a bad week and probably can’t wait for the whole election to be over. It can be argued that Brown has never felt comfortable in front of the camera and perhaps it’s best for him that there were only three live debates. Contrast that to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg who has flourished in front of the camera. He looks confident and the live debates have given him a chance to express his parties policies. However, according to opinion polls, it was David Cameron who won this week’s final debate. He has grown in confidence as the weeks have gone by but will it be enough to win the election and prevent a hung parliament? Well the latest odds would suggest not. It’s still odds on that there will be no majority result when we go to the polls next week whilst the Conservatives lead the way in the overall majority with best odds of 11/8.

Finally, let’s take a light hearted look at the alternatives to the three leaders currently jostling for position as the country’s leader. Beside each are FICTIONAL odds:

Roy Hodgson 3/1 – Having lead Fulham into Europe, Old Woy has taken his team to Shaktar Donesk, Juventus, Wolfsburg and Hamburg and beaten them all. Clearly knows how to succeed in Europe.

Barack Obama 5/1 – We already have the NHS style system that he craves for America and having brought “Change to America”, he’d be a great candidate to bring “Change to Britain”.

Jose Mourinho 7/1 – Although he may not be popular with the majority of the country, The Special One would surely bring that golden touch to Number 10 were he to be elected. Also, I think he’d be a shoe in to win every live debate and have the papers and media eating out of the palm of his hand.

From list, it has to be Jose for me… But then Hodgson has done so well this year? And Obama has leadership experience. It seems that picking a fictional leader is as hard as picking an actual one!

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