Manic Monday

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Manic Monday

As we approach Christmas the Locker Room office is fast turning into a buzzing hub of excitement, anticipation, stress and an all-round hectic place of work.  With the build up to the annual peak in retail sales (which we have been planning for our clients over the last three months) everyone is manically analysing & optimising campaigns, finalising creative and completing final last minute negotiations before we reach what is being dubbed as “Manic Monday”, the peak of the online Christmas shopping frenzy. On top of this everyone is fast filling their diaries with “Christmas drinks” – be that with clients, affiliate partners, media owners or friends.  Any old excuse in this office!

According to the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) online sales are set to hit £22.4m per hour on Monday 29th November to an estimated total of £537m – 29% higher than last year.  This will be the equivalent of 17p in every £1 spent during the UK festive season, showing the ever growing impact of ecommerce.

As such our retailer offers are live, ecoms messaging are increasing in frequency and budgets are all being optimised to make sure the lion share of the gift market is captured (at a positive ROI of course).

At Locker Room we had a stunning set of results for our clients in Christmas 2009, where some experienced year on year growth over 350%.  This year the Locker Room teams are getting ever more competitive as they want to be the team that stands out with the best client results over the festive period.  It’s quite enjoyable really and makes for a fun working environment.  But let’s face it, when that final day of Christmas delivery has come and gone (22nd December for most) we’ll all be relieved as we can start to breathe and get over our December month long hang over’s that are of course inevitable in the digital media world.

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