Locker Room Embrace Technology for the benefit of our clients

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As a performance agency we are continually looking at ways to improve efficiency and the ultimate ROI that we deliver for our clients, across all channels.  As campaign objectives get ever more complex and analysis starts to focus on multichannel, marketers need best in class technology and tools to help deliver.  As a testament to this we have put in place central agency agreements with leading technology companies across Search, Display and Affiliate marketing – all underpinned with multi channel tracking solutions.  The result is our campaigns are more efficient, managed as integrated campaigns (rather than isolated channels) and account management time can be spent further optimising campaigns and results to the benefit of our clients.

Read about our various technology solutions below….


As the display market moves towards impression level buying rather than site or placement level buying, we have a need to buy inventory for a particular consumer based on their behaviour and likelihood of them converting for our clients.  To facilitate this shift in the way we plan and buy media for our clients we have partnered with MediaMath, the market leading Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Locker Room chose MediaMath as our central DSP for their market leading technology and white label solution through Terminal One. MediaMath provides an unmatched combination of technology, automation, analytics and strategic advisory to enable best possible ROI from our client’s media budgets.

By embracing Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology we are able to bid for a particular impression in a real time (RTB) environment and gain efficiencies in customer acquisition for our clients.   We use a range of strategies such as prospecting, targeting specific data pools, contextual and remarketing, all focused on a set of campaign goals.

Furthermore we are able to monitor consumer conversion funnels and by linking into our Search Engine Marketing technology; Marin, we are able to efficiently manage media across multiple channels and converge display and search marketing strategies together.  The result is higher efficiency and improved results through multi channel.


As an agency we are getting more and more sophisticated with our Search Engine marketing (SEM) and embracing technology means we can be more efficient and focus our efforts on analysis of campaign performance and optimisation.   By integrating with Marin we are able to manipulate data efficiently from multiple search engines as well as display, social and mobile campaigns.  Marin is a world leader in ad management software with powerful bid management and campaign optimisation tools, allowing us to spend less time pulling data together from multiple sources and more time generating conversions for our clients.

Marin allows us to plugin multiple ad solutions and data centres such as Adwords, Facebook, Tagman, Doubleclick etc and optimise campaigns from one central platform and dash board.  Increased efficiency means more conversions and improved ROI for our clients.

Affiliate Marketing

To further the improvements in ROI for our clients Locker Room have partnered with the market leader for affiliate marketing technology, the Performance Horizon group.

Performance Horizon have built their proprietary technology around an API that allows us to white label a full affiliate marketing solution across tracking, reporting dashboards, partnership management tools and a payment interface.

The technology allows us to offer our clients a branded in house affiliate programme, managed by Locker Room as an extension of their team to benefit from our expertise as well as market leading technology.  We improve efficiency through real time reporting, pivot data and analyse KPI’s by partner, product and channel.  We can deliver cost savings for our clients and improve ROI whilst feeding back improvements to PHG who ultimately as a technology business can implement and make further improvements to our campaigns.

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