Hung out to dry?

Posted by Paul Cruse on 23 April 2010. Categorised under Betting 0 Comments

Hung out to dry?

Well, there I was, with 3D Specs in hand, waiting for the start of the 2nd Live Debate and then I found out that the only alternative way of watching the debate on SKY was in HD! Clearly they didn’t get my email from last week. Speaking of last week, since the 1st debate last Thursday, Nick Clegg’s stock and popularity seems to have escalated as the Liberal Democrats proved that this is not just a two horse race. The polls showed that Clegg was the best performer last week and so did the overall election odds which saw his party close in to as short as 33/1 as the week went on. He was expected to perform again last night and the odds reflected this making him favourite to win the 2nd debate. However, that’s not too surprising seeing as David Cameron was disappointed with last week’s performance whilst no one was really expecting Gordon Browns “personality” to shine through were they?

So to the second debate… It was more lively then last weeks with Cameron especially getting heated over claims of scrapping free eye tests for the elderly and some heated discussions about Immigration and European policies. But what I and others were looking for is how these three men conducted themselves. Clegg seemed at ease and a natural in not just public speaking but in front of a camera also. So much so that you felt that his tactics were picked up by the other leaders. But whilst Gordon Brown continued to address the audience, I felt that every time the camera focused on David Cameron, he was telling himself to look into the camera and give the illusion that he was speaking to you at home. I was impressed with the way that Clegg referred to the audience member asking him the question… something which Cameron also tried to do throughout. All in all though, it kind of made me wish that I’d chosen to watch Atletico Madrid beat a Liverpool team who may’ve wished they were still on the train in Paris.

Although last week’s debate belonged to Nick Clegg, he’d probably have to share that success with David Cameron this week. It remains to be seen whether either can really turn that into votes though. It has however, had another effect on the betting markets. With the Lib Dems coming into play, it appears that we may be heading for a hung parliament. In fact, the betting markets now reflect this with best odds of 4/6 that there will be no overall majority result come May 7th. With the shift in the betting market so extreme, how much effect will the 3rd and final debate have when it broadcasts next week on BBC 1. And although it clashes once again with the only remaining English clubs left in European action (could be worse, it could be on the same night as Barcelona 2-1 Inter Milan – good luck to the Special One!) , I’ll be tuning in as I try to work out who the hell I’m going to vote for!

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