Facebook’s time line for brands

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Facebook’s time line for brands

Too little fanfare but some annoyance from users, Facebook’s Timeline has come to branded pages. In fact, all branded pages will have this structure from 30th March. But what really is the difference? We’ve taken a look around the new Facebook Timeline.

There are a number of new features that marketers of Facebook pages should be aware of:

1) The Look and Feel – the new structure includes a cover photo at the top of the page which scans the whole width of the page (or at least 851pixels of it). This cover photo allows marketers to really show the brand off and brings you a level of creativity to the page. The cover photo is 851×315 with a 130×130 area for the company’s logo. A couple of things to be aware of when designing  your cover photo and logo are that Facebook will optimise all photos so try to keep your cover photo simple and save it as high resolution. Also, you will still be required to design your logo to 180×180 but this will be reduced in size to 130×130 when uploaded.

Your cover photo must also confine to Facebook’s restrictions meaning that your photo must not contain the following:

  • Any price or purchase information
  • Any contact information (e-mail, phone, website, social media links)
  • Calls to action
  • Any references to Facebook features like “Like our Page” or any arrows or signs pointing to any similar feature
  • Copyrighted material (of other people of course)

2) Reduced Tab Visibility – It is still possible to have Facebook tabs but these will be stored under a drop down list next to the 4 tabs underneath the cover photo. Depending on how many tabs you have, Photos, Likes and Videos will usually be displayed alongside one further tab. Therefore, the best way to advertise your tabs/application is via a post on your timeline.

3) No Default Landing Page – any visitors to your brand page will now go straight to your timeline making the content on this page even more important.

4) Pin Items to the Top of Your Timeline – You now have the ability to pin your most important items to the top of the page. This is expected to be the new preferred method of drawing attention to the more relevant posts on your timeline (before this information may have been found on a default landing page). A post can be pinned for up to 7 days but only one post can be pinned at any one time.

5) Replacing all 510px Images – When creating individual pages, the width restrictions that were in place on images has now been resized to 811px wide giving you much more space to make attractive images.

6) Private Messaging Between Brands and Users – This results in a better interaction between brands and their users and could also result in less clutter on the timeline as well as offensive or negative remarks being removed.

Now that you have an idea of some of the new features, let’s look at some of the basics of the timeline.

Each post in Facebook can now be dated meaning you can give your users as much past information as you want. Whether this is from when you got started on Facebook or perhaps you want to go back to when the business was founded, you can backdate posts by clicking on the pencil icon and selecting Change Date. You can also choose to highlight posts by clicking on the star icon. This will ensure that the post scales the whole of the page making it stand out more.

For more information on Facebook Timelines, check out the links below:


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