New clients galore…

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We love coming up with creative and innovative new ideas at Locker Room, and it’s even better when the concepts become reality and produce outstanding results for a client. This happened recently for a new client, Oris Watches, who wanted to celebrate their involvement in the world of aviation with a unique social media project and asked if we could help? Two interactive Facebook competitions, several promotional videos and a bespoke microsite were designed, built and deployed to produce a global reach of 2.4m, nearly 120k interactions with the Oris brand, 70k positive endorsements and 130k minutes spent on the microsite, all within a 3 month period. Suffice to say we felt this campaign was a great example of the important role that social can play in the wider marketing mix. Visit to find out more!


The team at Locker Room has been involved in the sports betting market place since 2004 when we first started working with Totesport.  Since then we have worked with most of the main gambling clients in the UK including Ladbrokes, Coral, Stan James, Sporting Bet and Bodog to mention just a few. And now we have a brand new sports betting client that you might just have seen advertising on the TV since the start of the football season.  The client is Betbright.  It’s fair to say that it’s very early days for Betbright at the moment but the response to all activity to date whether it be the TV advertising or the search and display activity we are looking after, has been really encouraging. The fact that Betbright is based in Dublin has made it an even more popular account for the client services team to work on.


Darling is an award winning independent women’s clothing brand that counts celebrity “Darlings” like Kelly Brook, Anna Friel, Peaches Geldof, Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby among its customers.  A couple of months ago we were introduced to the founders of Darling by a current client who thought that there might be a bit of mileage in us talking to each other.  And the rest as they say is history.   To start with we are looking at helping out in areas like search marketing, the affiliate channel as well as a bunch of different creative services.  The team are really excited by opportunity to work with this new client and we’re looking forward to playing our little part in creating a refreshing and vibrant  fashion brand.


Growth Accelerator is a Government backed initiative run by the chartered accountancy firm Grant Thornton.  The aim of Growth Accelerator is to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth.  Following a successful competitive pitch, Locker Room were appointed to run the digital marketing for Growth Accelerator and we are now busy helping them communicate with businesses up and down the country.

British Airways sign Justin Rose

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Exciting news for one of Locker Room’s clients, as Justin Rose has recently confirmed a three-year partnership with British Airways who will now become his Official Global Airline Partner

British Airways signs Justin Rose

New client for Locker Room!

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We’re delighted to add to our client list.  Cloggs has recently been acquired by JD Sports and is one of the best known fashion shoe retailers in the UK.  There will no longer be any excuses for bad footwear in the office with Cloggs as a client!

Locker Room Media shortlisted for two Performance Marketing Awards

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Locker Room are delighted to have been shortlisted in two categories at the Performance Marketing Awards for Best Agency-Led Campaign and Best Brand Engagement Campaign!

View the campaign for yourself by clicking on the image below:

Mobile Operating Systems – Market Share

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Useful overview of the mobile operating systems used by key countries throughout the world:

And a rather interesting analysis of the resulting global market share:

The 2013 Super Bowl ads

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The annual debate surrounding the Super Bowl TV commercials is well under way. After airing for the first time yesterday there seems to be a growing feeling that the current crop failed to deliver, with many actually having a damaging/negative effect on their respective brands. Here’s an interesting article which encapsulates the thoughts of many observers in the US:

The only Super Bowl Ad that bothers to sell?

Creative Thinking

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You’ve got to admire this smart use of Airport tags for Expedia’s latest ad campaign…

The Future of Retail

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Interesting article in Marketing Week which explains how Ebay are looking to roll out their own click & collect operation…

Click here to read more

4 More Years

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Barack Obama’s infamous social statement has been retweeted an incredible 800,000 times and counting. To put this into context, the previous record (held by a certain Justin Bieber) was a mere 200,000 retweets by comparison. Deploying such an intensive social media aspect to his campaign, ‘the most powerful man in the world’ was able to secure far more connections with the youthful electorate than his 65 year old rival and the enormous reach of his most recent tweet serves to reinforce the point rather emphatically.

But in US politics, broadcast (television) media remains the pivotal platform on which to convey one’s credentials for the right to work in the Oval office and both candidates invested heavily in this respect, albeit almost exclusively targeting a handful of battleground states. So what exactly is the US presidency worth in terms of TV advertising spend these days? Reports vary but across the course of their lengthy campaigns Obama spent approximately $400m, while Romney ploughed through a cool $500m. Even accounting for the fact that a large proportion of each investment was provided by the super PAC’s (Political Action Committee – aka external campaign contributors), that’s a combined total of almost $1bn…or the equivalent of $50 for every single man, woman & child living in the entire state of Florida.

These are simply staggering figures considering the financially dire state of America and one has to wonder about the economics of it all. Even more so given the fragmentation of modern media and reduced overall effectiveness of TV advertising throughout the last 10 years, i.e. are they getting anywhere near the right amount of bang for their buck. Obama’s team would argue the price is worth it, whereas Romney and his wealthy supporters clearly have more money than sense so won’t have any regrets on that score.

And just in case these figures weren’t surprising enough, you might also be interested to learn that a whopping 91% of Romney’s entire TV campaign deployed negative (attack) ads…but then again, that’s politics for you!

Brand Hamilton

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You might have noticed recently that Lewis Hamilton has decided to change Formula One teams, moving from McLaren (where he won the World Championship) to Mercedes. Of course it’s quite normal for drivers to switch teams but many people have been scratching their heads as to why he would want to move to an unquestionably weaker car. Was it a burning ambition to turnaround the fortunes of an under-performing team? Potentially. Maybe it was sheer madness? Doubtful. Could the real reason be that Hamilton is managed by Simon Fuller, who created global brands such as Beckham & The Spice Girls (with arguably very little to work with)? Almost certainly.

Hamilton’s contract with McLaren prevented his route into global superstardom for two main reasons. Firstly, at McLaren he wasn’t allowed endorsements from companies not already sponsoring the team and secondly, although McLaren do produce a road car, it’s priced way out of reach for most people. Mercedes on the other hand, have a more accessible product range and they will also allow Lewis to take on personal sponsors that have nothing to do with Formula One. As a direct result of Fuller’s expertise, Hamilton’s new salary and, to a large extent, his performance in the car will become insignificant compared to his new earning potential as ‘Brand Hamilton’.

But at what cost to his sporting legacy? Even if Mercedes bring out a new car for next season, there’s still a long way to go if Hamilton is serious about securing his second World Championship. And therein lies an apparent difference with the likes of Michael (Nike Air) Jordan or Roger (Gillette) Federer, who ensured their off-field activities were always superseded by their brilliance on it. David Beckham may have broken this mould to some degree, but then again ‘Goldenballs’ is an enigma since he has never been the best in the world at his occupation yet remains every inch the global brand. Lewis Hamilton has apparently decided to follow suit by placing more emphasis on enhancing his image over his professional achievements and only time will tell us whether he’s made the right decision.